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Super Busy You Can Still Make Time to Job Search

Super Busy You Can Still Make Time to Job SearchMaking Time to Job Search When Youre BusySuper Busy You Can Still Make Time to Job SearchYou hate your job, youre underpaid, and you want nothing more than to find a new jobbut youre so busy with work and life that you swear you cant find time to actively job search.But oh, you do have timeNot having 3-4 hours a day to dedicate to your job search doesnt mean you should give up completely. There are ways you can be an active job seeker while still dedicating most of your time to your current job and your non-work life. Here are four quick and easy suggestionsDedicate 30 minutes a day to update your resume. If you have a recently updated resume thats only missing your current role and achievements, take 30 minutes each day to add a bullet to the experience list. Start with the job title and dates, and continue until you have a satisfactory experience listing. Also, remember to remove any irrelevant or outdated (15+ years) positions and do uble-check your phone number, mailing address, and schmelzglas address for accuracy.But, if your resume is seriously outdated and you dont have time to work on it yourself, consider hiring a professional resume writer to do it for you.Sign up for daily job alert emails. All you have to do is enter your email address and the keyword(s) for positions youre interested in, and the job board does the rest of the work. You can do this with Indeed or SimplyHired (but you have to log in first). To set up alerts with Monster, you need to complete a few more steps Sign in, start a job search, then click the Save This Search link at the top of the page. Fill in the fields and select a frequency for emails under the Email me results dropdown menu. Lastly, you can set up alerts with CareerBuilder by signing in and clicking the Setup Job Alert link under the Find Jobs tab.Carry job search business cards with you wherever you go. Its a bad idea to tell someone Call me if you hear of any openings w hile handing over a professional business card from your current job. Instead, take 10 minutes from your day to create a job search business card, using the info from your newly updated resume. When you bump into someone who could help you find a job, dont be afraid to whip out the card and reisepass it on with a good word.Set up Google alerts. This is similar to setting up job board alerts, but it covers company web sites that might not show up in job board results. To use this feature for your job search, enter the job title you would like to receive email alerts for. Examples Customer Support Job Opening, or Metal Engineer Position. Then select the type of content and how often you want to receive the alerts, and create an alert. Repeat for each position you might be interested in.What happens when you find a job opening you like?If you followed the 30-minute resume update plan, your resume is ready for potential employers. All you have to do is tweak the wording of the resume to match the employers terminology, write a targeted cover letter (which may take an hour if youre starting from scratch less if you uses Cover Letter Builder with sample text), and apply to the job. From that point on, making time for interviews is completely up to you

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5 Ways to Modernize Your Job Search

5 Ways to Modernize Your Job Search5 Ways to Modernize Your Job SearchIf youre still following job-search advice from a decade or more ago, chances are good that youre inadvertently sabotaging your own chances of getting hired. And if you think youre too young to fall into that trap, think again Its elend just workers with decades of experience who fall for this even 20 somethings fall victim, because theyre relying on outdated job-advice guides, parents who dont realize that hiring conventions have changed, or even college career centers that havent updated their knowledge for the way things work today. Here are five ways to modernize your job search to compete in 2014. 1. Remove the objective from yourrsum.Yes, you may have learned years ago that everyrsumshould abflug with anobjective, but that advice has long been outdated.Objectives now make yourrsumlook out-of-touchwithmodern conventions. Whats more, objectives are about what you want, rather than about what the employer want s and at the initial stage of the hiring process, employers are much more concerned with what skills and experience you can offer than with your hopes and dreams. Plus, most objectives sound stilted and generic anyway. Its been a long time since one did a job candidate any favors. After you remove the objective, replace it with a profile section a few sentences or bullet points that highlight who you are as a candidate and what sets you apart. Done well, these can serve as overall framing for your candidacy, explaining to employers the key facts you want them to know about you. In fact, profile sections have gained so much popularity thatrsums without them are starting to look a little bare.2. Dont list jobs from two decades ago. Jobs you held that long ago are unlikely to strengthen your candidacy today, and they can date you and your experience. If youve had an impressive career over the last 15 years, why waste space talking about more junior roles you held well before that? R emember Arsumis a marketing document, not a comprehensive listing ofeverything youve ever done.3. Remove references available upon request. Employers take it for granted that youll provide references when they ask for them, so theres no need to announce it up front. This is a convention left over from another time. No employer is going to reject you for including it, but it takes up space better used for something else and, like an objective, itmakes yourrsumfeel dated.4. Kill the sales-iness in your approach. Job-search advice used to center around tactics that today come across as uncomfortably aggressive to most employers. For instanceIncluding a line in your cover letter that youll call in a week to schedule an interview. (Youre not the one who decides whether to schedule an interview once youve expressed interest by applying, the ball is in the employers court.)Sending cookies or chocolate to the hiring manager, or other gimmicks designed to get yourrsumnoticed. (Youll comeacro ss as if you dont understand professional boundaries, and as if you dont think your qualifications stand on their own merit. Plus, fewer people these days accept food from strangers, so its likely your food gift will end up in the trash.)Overnighting yourrsumto the hiring manager to make it stand out. Pick up any job-search guide from a decade ago, andyoull find this advice still in it. But these days, youre more likely to look like someone who doesnt follow directions and worse, your materials might not be considered at all, because you didnt enter them into the companys electronic application system. 5. Dont pound the pavement. You might hear from your parents or people who havent job searched in a long time that you should show up at the companies you want to work for and drop off yourrsumin person. But with the exception of asmall handful of employers who specifically request this, this is no longer done and will come across as naive and annoying to most employers. Instead, mos t job searches these days are done ansprechbar primarily looking at online listings, emailingrsums and cover letters, filling out electronic applications and networking on sites likeLinkedIn. Of course, you should still connect with your network in person, but the concept of pounding the pavement looking for a job has mostly died off.Alison Greenwrites the popularAsk a Manager blog, where she dispenses advice on career, job search and management issues. Shes the author of How to Get a Job Secrets of a Hiring Manager, co-author of Managing to Change the World The Nonprofit Managers Guide to Getting Results and the former chief of staff of a successful nonprofit organization, where she oversaw day-to-day staff management.

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What to do when youre fired The 10-point plan

What to do when youre fired The 10-point planWhat to do when youre fired The 10-point planBack in my college days, I worked for a dermatologist Ill call Dr. Despicable. He was sketchy, he was cheap, he was not one of the finest human beings on the planet, but I really needed the money.One day at the end of my shift, Dr. Despicable casually tossed a comment over his shoulder that went something like this Oh, dont bother coming in next week. We wont be needing you anymore. Id like to say that I responded in a way that behooved my future professionalism, but I did not. I yelled something to the effect of YOU WONT BE NEEDING ME ANYMORE? YOU CROOKED (insert your own favored expletives here).Again, that was not the finest moment of my career, but I learned from it.If you find yourself fired from your own loved or loathed job, heres what you probably should doMourn. Move onChristie Garton, founder and CEO of the 1,000 Dreams Fund says Allow yourself the time to vent, express outrage and ang er over the indignity of it all. How dare they Well, they did. So, move on. While frustration is normal, be sure not to lash out at your former babo, or disparage the company to your colleagues, because you want them to remember you favorably as you look for new opportunities.Take a step backGarton advises taking a step back to think about what you learned, why it happened and then, how its empowered you in new ways. Create a positive narrative about what happened. Your confidence and candor will be appreciated, and it will help you see the situation not as a setback, but as a turning point and step forward.Take ownershipEven if you blurt out something really dumb after being fired Apologize by letting your former employer know that comment came in an emotional moment, and use this time to communicate what you really wanted to say in the first place, said Kevin Alft Master Licensee for ActionCOACH State of Texas. Its also important to recognize and own the fact that you allowed em otion to get in the way of logic during an unexpected event.About the exit interviewAlft said An exit interview is part of company policy, and I would suggest taking it. Think of it as an opportunity to provide constructive and positive, feedback to benefit your former employer. Make sure youre being responsible with your responses and keeping bitterness/personal vendettas out of the feedback. And remember Ultimately, this is an opportunity for you to contribute to the companys success and keep that bridge intact.Tell the teamAlft suggests asking your employer how they plan to tell your colleagues. Its best to let the employer make that announcement first instead of blasting out a stinging text or email right after you walk out of the meeting. The last thing you want to do is collude against your former company. And remember The objective is to maintain a positive relationship with all parties involved, and not to fall into a victim mindset.Update your resumeAlft says Focus on the achievements. Spell out how you helped the company become successful and what you contributed to help them achieve their mission and vision.Be honestWhen interviewing for your next gig, Alft said The classy thing to do during an interview when addressing your firing is to be honest. There probably wasnt the alignment both sides had hoped for, and now youre seeking a better fit for your contributions and skills.Think bigIf you were fired or let go from a job you took out of necessity, Garton cautions against immediately applying for similar positions. Take a moment to consider how to Live Your Dreams and, realistically, what steps you could take to make that happen. First, outline what you truly want. Then, start researching and initiating conversations with family and friends- and youll be surprised to see what support exists to achieve your goal.Pursue your passionGarton says you should get specific with your passion. She believes emphasizing your passion for a few specific things is better than trying to do it all.Be smarter the next time aroundBefore that ax falls, try to find out what if anything you can do to keep your job and keep your boss happy.

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Free Contemporary IT Resume Templates

Free Contemporary IT Resume TemplatesFree Contemporary IT Resume TemplatesOur contemporary IT resume schablones add a bit of flair to an otherwise simple, basic resume layout. This is perfect when applying to cutting edge companies that value a modern feel. Peek at our contemporary resume example to see if replicating it is the right move for you.Create ResumeContemporary IT ResumeCustomize ResumeIndustry SnippetsStudying our free contemporary IT resume templates will show you how to write a strong resume to stand among a sea of competitors. Contemporary Resume Pros and ConsThis template in particular is made to conform to the needs of applicants who need to highlight their skills and achievements while injecting stylistic flourishes to make for a memorable resume.Pros Great opportunity to brand yourselfPros Conspicuous layout is memorableCons Flourishes can take up much-needed spaceCons Not all employers will be receptive to a contemporary styleResume TextDESIMILLS123 Street,City, S T, 12345 H (123) 456-7890 C (123) 456-7890 emailisp.comProfessional SummaryInformation Technology Specialist with five years of experience in technical sttze, end-user training, and technical writing, seeking to take next career step in a challenging management position. Highly accomplished in maintaining licensing agreements, installing service releases, and managing virus software. Adept in writing comprehensive technical documentation on hardware and software to streamline operations and technical resolution of common to complex issues.Skill Highlights Tier 1 and Tier 2 technical support Technical writing Troubleshooting and diagnosis Operations management End-User training Deskside and remote support Professional ExperienceInformation Technology Specialist6/1/2014 CurrentGrandover Resort and Conference Center Greensboro, NC Install advanced networking hardware and software and perform routine procedures such as backups and installation of service releases. Execute preventativ e maintenance on PCs, printers, peripherals, and hardware. Troubleshoot basic hardware and software problems, and implement virus protection, detection, and elimination software and procedures. Maintain licensing information for all desktop applications and operating systems ensure compliance with licensing agreements at user level. Write documentation for all end user hardware and software on installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, licensing, configuration, and network activity.IT Specialist 8/1/2011 5/1/2014The University of North Carolina at Greensboro Greensboro, NC Provided problem-solving technical support via phone to university students, faculty, and staff. Diagnosed, communicated, and implemented complex repairs to computer equipment via phone, email, or in-office repair. Used remote access software to resolve problems on computers in campus buildings and offices. Documented all technical issues and assigned workflow in BMC Footprints. Configured and repaired laptops, desktops, and PDAs.IT Intern1/1/2010 5/1/2011Eisenhower Corporation Greensboro, NC Optimized company networks, identified and implemented new technologies, and ensured uptime for all users. Supported and assisted IT Manager with technology-related projects such as development of security protocols, completion of software updates, and maintenance of virus software.CertificationBachelor of Science, Computer Science 2011 The University of North Carolina at Greensboro Greensboro, NC

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How to Stay Positive Around a Negative Co-worker - The Muse

How to Stay Positive Around a Negative Co-worker - The MuseHow to Stay Positive Around a Negative Co-worker We all have colleagues we cant stand- the one who chews louder than humanly possible (or so you thought, until you met him), the one who tries to steal the spotlight all the time, the one who makes excuse after excuse and is really just a lazy bum, and fill in annoying characteristic of a fellow employee here. But perhaps the most dangerous of all? The part who complains about everything.Even if you do love your job (which is great), there are going to be times when you question it or become frustrated- thats just the name of the game. You certainly dont need anyone else making it worse. Emotions are contagious, so being around someone whos always complaining or naysaying everything can rub off on you. And thats not good news.Unfortunately, you cant change people, so its up to you to control your own outlook, especially when you have to spend time around those who are allergic to happiness. So, without further ado, here are three ways to deal with a co-worker who hates everything so that you can maintain a positive attitude (at least most of the time)1. Practice CompassionIt can be tempting to label someone as a lost cause and tell her to talk to hand cause the face dont give a damn. But this shouldnt necessarily be your first plan of action. A mora practical approach to dealing with her is to start by understanding the reasons for her negativity, says Raj Raghunathan, PhD, Professor of Marketing at the McCombs School of Business. In brief, almost all negativity has its roots in one of three deep-seated fears the fear of being disrespected by others, the fear of not being loved by others, and the fear that bad things are going to happen. These fears feed off each other to fuel the belief that the world is a dangerous place and people are generally mean. Your team member could be acting the way she is for a myriad of reasons. Perhaps shes been struggling w ith the interactions between her and her boss. Or, maybe she feels like shes drowning in work and putting in way too many hours. It could also be something totally unrelated to the office. You never really know, but Raghunathan believes that her negativity is a thinly disguised cry for help. Its not your responsibility to fix her problems, but having compassion can go a long way. As the negative rolle absorbs positivity from your presence, she will like himself better, and this hopefully will lead to a virtuous cycle of greater trust in others and optimism about the future. How does this help you, you ask? Well, it can help you eliminate that gloomy presence in your life (hopefully). 2. Block Him or Her OutSometimes lending an ear just isnt going to help- either because the person is so caught up in what is bothering him or because, well, its just the way he is. Sadly, some people are so entrenched in seeing the negative side of things that they leave zero room for positive things t o grow, says Marc Chernoff, co-founder of Marc and Angel Hack Life and co-author of 1,000+ Little Things Happy Successful People Do Differently. Their negative attitudes and opinions are venomous and contagious. And Angel believes you should do your best to leave these types of people behind in order to subtract the bad and add the good. Now, unfortunately, if you work with someone like this, you cant just pretend he doesnt exist. If youre lucky, you may not have to interact with him too much in order for you both to successfully complete your assignments. But if youre not so lucky, theres still a way to utilize this advice by ignoring him when what hes saying or doing isnt necessary. Heres how bedrngnis only should you filter what you say to others, but what is said to you, too. Create a metaphorical positivity sieve for your mind, and only let good stuff in. To do this, youll need to learn how to identify destructive comments or behavior (e.g., incessant eye rolling). For example, if he says something like, Wow, Laura always wears the ugliest pants, you can probably disregard it. Do Lauras pants have any impact on you, your work, or your team? Ill give you a hint No. It was a piece of useless, catty gossip thats better going in one ear and out the other. To spend any time thinking about it would be a waste of your time and brain space. If, however, something he says does impact you, your work, or your team (or all three), then its probably worth paying attention to. 3. Dont Dwell on His or Her AttitudeLike I said above, mental states can be infectious. If you arent careful, pessimistic thoughts can sneak into your brain and take up a residence there. Either youll unknowingly adopt the same views, or youll find yourself stewing about this person, whining about her to everyone you see, as well as thinking about her whenever your mind is unoccupied. And this isnt how you want to live your life, right? As Amy Morin, author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don t Do Take Back Your Power, Embrace Change, Face Your Fears, and Train Your Brain for Happiness and Success, says, Dont allow negative people to steal your time and energy. Rather than complain about people you dont enjoy, choose to strike up conversations about pleasurable topics. Similarly, instead of spending your commute thinking about how much you dislike that person you have to work with, turn on the radio and listen to music that reduces stress. Take back your power by limiting the amount of time you spend talking about, thinking about, and worrying about unpleasant people. Make a list of the things you like about your job and frequently revisit it. (If you dont have much on this list- or anything at all- then maybe its time to reevaluate). Also, surround yourself with teammates who will inspire you to be a better person, provide you with motivation to achieve your goals, empower you to make the changes you need to success, and cheer on your success, says Leon Logothetis, auth or of Amazing Adventures of a Nobody A Life Changing Journey Across America Relying on the Kindness of Strangers.Moral of the story Youre probably going to encounter a miserable person everywhere you go. You cant avoid it. But you can prevent it from affecting you. Believe it or not, work can be a happy place. Dont let one person ruin it for you.

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Legal Resume - What Is It?

Legal Resume - What Is It? The Upside to Legal Resume LinkedIn is a little different. You might be astounded at the capacity for contacts and full-time employment that derives from a short-term assignment. If youre actively pursuing work, I would only put information pertinent to the job which you are looking for. Multi-page resumes are unwieldy and simple to lose. Our customer service will also be available to assist you, over the telephone, by e-mail or via the desktop. In the last few years, the LinkedIn professional network has turned into a preferred supply of premium jobs. This site can curate you get through the practice of job search. A guide to help you in writing your own resume to make sure you receive the interview and job. The 2 positions are extremely independent and not related. Locate the level, programs and courses readily available close to your residence, or get your training Best Legal Assistant is the best internet resource for all elements of the paral egal profession. Apply now and receive the finest Legal Assistant job available. For this reason, you need to try to limit your legal resume to a single page. Ruthless Legal Resume Strategies Exploited So decide on a functional instead of chronological resume. Stating some important achievements would surely improve your resume. Simply enumerating your abilities and experiences isnt enough. Clients can make sure that their private information wont ever be shared with third parties. In addition, you might want to increase your LinkedIn profile. For instance, some applicants omit year of graduation in an attempt to hide their seniority. If a recruiter would like to speak to an employer which you already know, consider whether you may be more effective representing yourself to that employer. The Hidden Secret of Legal Resume Also, it is going to steer you in preparing your resume to acquire the desired job position. Whether youre an experienced attorney or still in your ve ry first year of law school, obtaining a legal resume on hand and up-to-date whatsoever times is a sensible career move. Before the days of the web, the only means to discover a new job was supposed to look for one. Do not consist of high school. As soon as its unlikely that someone reading your resume will look back on a man or woman who plays ice hockey for a pastime, the exact same cannot be said for a political activist who happens to be on the opposing side of the readers individual politics. Not only do you have to show you have the most suitable experience but also that youre able to get the job done very hard, have great communication skills, can take care of a whole lot of responsibilities and react well in complex scenarios. There is not only one right method of designing a resume. Your critical thinking skills might be asked to salvage a distinctive case. On your side of the equation, contract work can provide you a weg to reveal your dedication and talent, and to me et individuals who might be the trick to a full-time prospect. For this reason, you should be concise in case you have a whole lot of experience. Furthermore, the organization offers career planning assistance and interview advice. During job applications, many businesses are still sticking to the standard technique of reading resumes. The Appeal of Legal Resume Take advantage of the register to make certain you may have integrated almost all proper info within your continue. The website does not have any limitations when it comes to your professional experience and specialization. Be sure all info is up-to-date. Its true, you would like to have as much information as possible there, but nevertheless, it also needs to be easily readable. If you excel in financial management, then take a peek at the way the technology experts work and the way in which they let you carry out your operations better. Details about your trip experience will present your future employers your ca pacity to depart from your comfort zone and stay independent. It isnt enough to limit yourself to your subject of expertise, or your department. A good way to highlight your different regions of experience is via the invention of an addendum to accompany your resume.

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Firing an Employee The Right Approach - Spark Hire

Firing an Employee The Right Approach - Spark HireFiring an employee is something that most managers dread. Just the action and process itself is difficult, given that you probably had high hopes when you hired the employee. However, having an underperforming or unhappy employee can be detrimental to your team. As soon as you begin noticing the warning signs, you need to take immediate action.Review your companys policiesFirst, before doing anything, you should reference your companys policies. Most companies will have a process documented that will need to be followed before letting any employee go. This is to ensure that the employee has been given a chance to correct any problems or behavior, and that the company has done everything legally required.If in doubt or unsure of your companys policies, it is best to speak with the person responsible for your companys Human Resources. It is better to ask questions rather than making assumptions when it comes to something as serious as t his.Identify the issuegeschftsleben Insider references several ways you can determine if its time to take the first step according to your companys policy. Perhaps you noticed that the employee has been constantly showing up late to work or is unable to complete work accurately on his own or in a timely manner. Make sure that whatever it is that has gotten you to this point is not something petty, but that it is something which is affecting the employees performance or overall team production.Address the issue with the employeeOnce you have identified the problem, you need to communicate your concerns with the employee. This can be a touchy issue, so you will want to make sure that you are following your companys HR policy.Typically, you may start out with a verbal discussion with the employee, finding out what is causing the issue. A lot of times, this conversation is when you will find out if there are any underlying problems such as issues at home or health concerns, etc. Sometim es, the employee may even be aware of the issue and just talking about it may resolve the problem. Even though this is a verbal discussion between you and the employee, make sure you document notes afterwards.However, if this verbal discussion does not lead to improvement, usually it is time for written counseling. Your company mora than likely has a form and process for written counseling. The purpose of this form is to address the problem with the employee, while providing a written plan and goals for improvement by a certain date. Its best if the employee has input in this plan, as it gives them buy-in and shows them that they have control over their success. Make sure you and the employee have scheduled follow up meetings to assess the employees performance according to the plan. It is important for both you and the employee to sign and date the written form, and for you to both have copies.When its time to let the employee goAs Fox Business states, firings shouldnt come as a su rprise. The purpose of counseling the employee and meeting with the employee several times prior, gives the employee the opportunity to improve. If each conversation is the same and there is no improvement from the employee, it should not be a shock to the employee once the time comes to let him go.Fox Business points out that you should treat your employees the way you want to be treated. This is applicable each and every day, but also when counseling and firing employees. When you fire an employee, it is best to do so in person, one on one. Letting someone go over the phone, via email, or with others present is not recommended. Remember to always remain professional, even if the employee becomes angry or upset.What are some of the processes you follow when counseling or firing employees? Please share your experiences in the comments below.Image dolgachov/Bigstock.com